We help you transform your business to simplify growth

We offer solutions that help make your life easier, your business more efficient and your turnover higher.

Do you recognize yourself?

Being an entrepreneur and small business owner can feel lonely and unnecessarily hard. Maybe you're thinking about developing your business and are thinking about the goals like these, but you don't have a solution or solid plan to achieve those goals.
  • I want to work smarter in my business, not harder
  • I want more leads that become customers at a lower cost than today
  • I want to find clients who buy regularly and more
  • I want an automated workflow so communication and activities support the customer journey
  • I want to know more about how I design customer journeys and get to know my ideal customers better to earn more money
  • I want to package and deliver my knowledge and services digitally so that I can make money when I sleep
  • I want to easily see statistics that show me key figures for the entire customer journey so I can make productive decisions
  • I want to learn from others who have already found a solution instead of figuring everything out myself
  • I want time for other things besides building my business

Then you've come to the right place

We help entrepreneurs and small business owners to identify opportunities and develop their business, increase profitability and get satisfied customers. And we have the tools you need to achieve these goals.

Digitalization and automation provide new opportunities for product development, marketing, sales, finance, customer relations, etc. We know how difficult the process can be to transform from the "physical" to the "digital". Much is about changing the mindset. The earlier in the process we enter, the better the long-term results.

We have 25+ years of experience working with effective processes, both with external and internal workflows and communication. We work with proven methods and processes that are designed with best practice.

By implementing, systematizing and automating marketing, sales and customer success processes that support the customer journey, you and your employees will work more efficiently and save time and money.

Our customers think we are down to earth and without hype and ego while using the very latest in communications, technology and platforms. We have a large number of strategic partners and implementation partners around the world. So if you work or want to work globally, we can help you locally.

We simply make it easy for you to work with us to get the results you want.

Sarah Watz, CEO & Founder and Peter Watz, Business Developer & Founder.

Our toolbox

Our goal is to help you who are entrepreneur and a small business owner to get better results in your business. For example, better structure to increase profitability and gain more time.

Strategic Advice

Individual consults, where you will get strategies with clear next actions to do in order to develop your business.

Business Automation

Get access to systems and proven processes that are fully or partially automated so you find more time for what can not be automated.


Online Courses in Business Development, Business & Marketing Automation and how to build your own online course or membership site.

Implementation & Support

You are not alone in your business. We are here for you to help you with your questions and help you perform your activities.

This is how it works

1. Book a free strategy meeting

We find out where you are currently in your business and what you want help to achieve. We can then recommend how we can best help you and your business.

2. Knowledge, system and support

When we start working together, you will have access to our systems & processes, our training programs and our support. Everything is based on the plan we jointly developed during the strategy meeting.

3. Get measurable results

The results you get from your new knowledge and custom systems will show you in measurable results. You can instantly see what can be improved and optimized to get even better results.

How can we help you?

We help entreprenurs and small business owners to simplify growth with online courses, digital growth strategies, business automation and masterminds.


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