Who we are

We are a management consulting and a marketing agency that transform businesses. We complement your team with our team.

Our founders have 20+ years experience each of marketing, branding, sales and customer relationship management. Pixpro was created in 2003 to help business succeed by thinking and doing differently than the competition. Over the years we have served 100+ companies with digital marketing services. And in that process helped them develop their business to be competitive on the digital arena. We are very fortunate that we have attracted customers that see the power of long-term partnership with us. And we see great results when we work closely with them to transform their businesses. No wonder most of our clients have been with us for more than 5 years.

The Team

Sarah Watz Sarah Watz

Sarah Watz

CEO & Digital Strategist
Peter Watz Peter Watz

Peter Watz

Business Developer
Johan Sundell Johan Sundell

Johan Sundell

Tom Kershaw Tom Kershaw

Tom Kershaw

Web Developer & Marketing Automation Expert
Claes Holmgren Claes Holmgren

Claes Holmgren

Web Developer & Support