We transform businesses

What we do

We help you to define the reason why your business is relevant, who your company should serve, how your company should service them and what you should package and communicate your offers. This journey will transform the way you look at your company, how you show up and how you serve your customers. It’s really a mind shifting experience. This will influence your new business goals, and your digital presence.

This is not a quick fix. Change and change management is one of the toughest task management has. And it takes time, a solid foundation and guidance. That is why we work long term with you to support you through this process with workshops, training and support for the management.

In the process we help you develop an integrated marketing plan that attracts the right audiences, drive them to your site, convert them into marketing qualified leads, teach the sales team to sell with a new mindset, and continue to delight them once the sale is made.

We complement your team and work with you to implement and execute the transformation plan. We work with you to qualify and quantify your marketing that supports your business goals. We also support you in following up to monitor how the activities done supports the customer journey and help you adapt the plan accordingly. We also help you transform your internal workflow and processes to ensure that the organisation keep delivering quality and satisfaction during the entire customers journey.

We help you identify, select and set up platform/systems that will help your organisation keep track of the process of the customer journey. For other customers we have set up systems/platforms as landing pages, selve service portals, channel partner portals, campaign pages, niche sites, marketing automation systems, email marketing systems, online schedule appointments systems, e-commerce, social media channels. We are experts in Joomla! and Infusionsoft Certified Partners so you are in good hands.

We work with a solid process in three phases Discovery & Strategy, Kickstart and Retainer.

The organisations that realises and face the fact that the customer buying journey has changed and transform their organisation through a mind shift to support the customers are the winners of today and the future.

Sarah Watz, Pixpro Stockholm AB