Keep Your Business Going When a Crisis Like Coronavirus Hits

Keep Your Business Going When a Crisis Like Corona Virus Hits

Due to many questions and discussions from small business owners about how to adapt their business for the Coronavirus, we decided to offer a free online group call. During this online group call, we had a conversation about how to keep your business going when a crisis like Coronavirus hits.

We discussed how you can:

  • communicate with your existing customers and your prospects about what preventive measures and routines you have around your service delivery
  • meet your customers 1-2-1 online or over the phone
  • hold an online meeting via the web or phone
  • hold presentations online
  • deliver your services online
  • network using social media instead of joining physical business networks
  • etc.

Who's this free online group call for?

Our online meeting suits you who offer services. For example, you can be a coach, speaker, advisor, accountant, lawyer, photographer, consultant, broker, naprapathy, masseur, chiropractor or another service professional. You may have been employed and are about to start your own or you already have your own company.

Feedback from Attendees

Really loved your group call ... It provided expanded perspectives that I found extremely helpful.

Group Call Leaders

Joe Sonne

Joe Sonne | CANADA

Joe is a successful business owner with a background in business development, sales and marketing. He's also an internationally experienced motivational speaker.
Peter Watz

Peter Watz | SWEDEN

Peter is an multi business entreprenur that loves teaching small service based business owners how to build and run their business so they can get booked solid. He is a Book Yourself Solid® Certified Coach.

Sarah Watz | SWEDEN

Sarah is an experienced international lecturer, business developer and strategist focusing on digital marketing and automation. She makes it easy to understand the power of systematizing and automating company marketing, sales and internal routines to build a business.

How can we help you?

We help entreprenurs and small business owners to simplify growth with digital growth strategies, business automation and masterminds.


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