Episode #6 Cory Webb

I am proud to announce from Cory Webb from Cory Webb Media, as my special guest on the #6 episode of Pixpro Labs LIVE Show.

Live from Waco, Texas, USA, Cory Webb talks about how his passion for web development has earned him a reputable name.

He says he is fortunate to be able to work from his office at home, staying close to his wife and three kids. He is presently self employed, and intends to stay so.

Some of the things he discusses

  • How he as a .Net programmer found Joomla!'s predicessor Mambo in 2003
  • How an approach from JoomlaShack led to a career change
  • How Skype opened up the world, all from the comfort of being at home in Texas
  • Clients, projects and the business side of web development
  • Pricing and how to deal with scope creeps
  • Getting jobs and clients
  • How helping others made him reputable - and an author
  • The story of how he built a company and how he ended up self employed again
  • What it takes to succeed as a freelance web developer and the importance of knowing your value
  • Wordpress and Joomla!


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