Episode #3 Peter van Westen

I am delighted to announce Peter van Westen, from Regular Labs, as my special guest on the #3 episode of Pixpro Labs LIVE Show.

Live from the Netherlands, Peter has a conversation about life, business, and Joomla!

It all started about 2008 as a hobby, giving away free extensions. Now he is working full time with his Joomla! Extensions as a business. He says it’s fun. He chose Joomla! because he needed a website but had no web development or php skills. He has no coding background, he began by using the CPE (copy, paste, edit) method. His free vs pro ratio has reached an impressive 30% paid, 70% free. Find out how he does it.

Some of the things he discusses

  • What to develop? Scratching an itch
  • Extension testing, evolution, versions, bug fixing
  • Why he prefers the “release early” approach
  • How to put a price on an extension
  • What is his thought process for planning a free version and a Pro version
  • How he markets his business.
  • His business strategy to balance a family and a fulltime business
  • His mindset: “I don’t do anything I don’t enjoy”
  • Users vs. Clients
  • Planning for the future
  • And much more



For all you listeners of this show, Peter is offering a 30% discount off your next order if you go to https://www.regularlabs.com/pixpro