Episode #27 Rod Martin

Live from Cincinnati, Ohio, this week's guest on Pixpro Labs Live Show is Rod Martin from NavigateTomorrow, Inc. He has the perspective of having lived in three different countries. His company is primarily involved with web design and marketing automation, but also many different training videos. He has clients in three different countries, 12 different states and some provinces in Canada. With a background as a pastor and teaching, he started working with the technical side of non profit, which lead to starting his company working with many non profit organizations and small businesses.

Marketing automation is one of those things that if you don’t use it you’re crazy. The barrier to entry has never been lower. For a small business to not try to reach out in a personalized, intimate way is just crazy.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How he discovered Joomla and why he chose it over other CMS platforms
  • How he finds clients, or clients find him
  • How he showcases his value to a client
  • How he uses marketing automation in his business
  • What his staff looks like and why he chose to work this way
  • How he balances his work and private life
  • What has been his most successful time during his business
  • Advice for people just starting out in business
  • How important it is to have an email list
  • About things he shouldn’t have done
  • About when it is time to fire a client
  • How important it is to contribute to the Joomla! Project

How to contact Rod:

Website: https://navigatetomorrow.com/
Blog: https://imrodmartin.com/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/imrodmartin