Episode #24 Steve Burge

This week's guest is Steve Burge from OSTraining. Born in England, worked as a teacher in several countries around the world, landed in Florida. When he moved to the US and started building a family, he supplemented his income by building websites in the evenings. Today he works from home and his classroom is the world.

"Online training is a business that is changing fast. I would not highly recommend that anyone get into the training business." Listen to find out why.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How he heard about Joomla!
  • About the transition from live education to online training
  • What are the difficulties with running an online software training business
  • Who are the subscribers to his courses
  • How Joomla! Certification is useful for a Joomla! business
  • About how he creates the different courses
  • How he has recruited his team
  • How he got into extension development with JoomlaShack.com
  • What he did with JoomlaShack.com that made a big difference in turnover
  • How he organizes his team
  • About running a business with a spouse 
  • How working with the Joomla community helps to develop a business

Where can you contact Steve: