Episode #22 Robbie Adair

This week's special guest is Robbie Adair from Media A-Team, Inc. You may have seen her speaking at a Joomla! Conference. She started her website building business about 16 years ago and discovered Mambo and switched to Joomla as it matured to a better product. Her background is training and training manager while building websites on the site but that eventually, the website development became a full-time family business. The Media A-Team is also involved in other areas like video production, training, graphic design...

"for a lot of clients, it is not their business to do websites, they know their business but they just don’t know the best way to integrate it into a website, or what tools to use inside the website to help their business."

In this episode you will hear:

  • How to train your customer to be a good decision makers
  • What should the client know about their solution
  • How she found Mambo and how it changed everything about building websites
  • About her first experience with the community and what that led to
  • How she is able to encourage client engagement in their own websites
  • About the pros and cons for hiring an agency vs. employing someone
  • About how the team developed and how they work together
  • About the value of using contractors
  • How working with Joomla! Days and Joomla! events influences her business
  • How an open source event is for everyone, "no matter who you are there is something to learn from someone"
  • What Fabric is all about, how she got involved and how it has impacted business
  • Advice about buying a Joomla! Business