Episode #15 Pedro Gonçalves and Mariana Frade

Live from Lisbon, Portugal, Pedro Gonçalves & Mariana Frade from Lavinci, a web development company. They have been using Joomla since the days of Mambo. After discovering Mambo, Pedro started developing his own component and after releasing it to the public found it being used on Fortune 500 web sites. Mariana was developing Joomla websites and installing extensions and when she needed help she discovered the developer was just around the corner.

When they were asked to describe Joomla in two words, Mariana said “Smart” and Pedro said “Awesome”.

In this episode you will hear:

  • How they went from extension developers to agency to SaaS providers
  • Using the Joomla Framework to build a booking system for restaurants (SaaS)
  • How they used Joomla as a backend to a mobile app
  • How their business evolved and grew together with their clients
  • How they describe Joomla in two words
  • How do they find clients
  • What has been and is still hard for them
  • How they balance life and work
  • What the Joomla community is like in Portugal