Episode #14 Robert Jacobi

Live from Chicago, Sarah’s special guest is Robert Jacobi, the founder and president of Arc Technology Group and is also president of Open Source Matters. He has been working with Mambo and Joomla for over 15 years and never felt that they needed to look anywhere else for CMS.

"Joomla is such a huge community and ecosystem of different types of service providers, so being part of that community is really important because we have a fantastic level of quality of people and we can all help each other in a lot of ways."

In this episode you will hear:

  • Why he chose to work with Joomla
  • How he builds his team
  • How does he find and keep new clients
  • What struggles has he faced
  • Being so busy, how does he have a life outside of work
  • What other tools is he using in his business
  • Being an expert at a specific set of skills isn’t the same as running a business, how to put it all together
  • When does he bring Joomla into the conversation for a new project
  • The value of Joomla Conferences for your business
  • Who is needed in the Joomla community right now

Where can you contact Robert?

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