Episode #10 Søren Beck Jensen

Live from Granada, Spain, the founder, CEO and owner of Jensen Technologies SL, Søren Beck Jensen. Søren started working with the web back in 1994 and started working with Joomla! 12 years ago. Today his company is focused in three areas, the Joomla service Component Creator (used by over 50,000 Joomla developers), NotWebDesign (website development) and Automatic Backlinks (an automatic link exchange service). He is also a Joomla board member as the department coordinator for the Legal and Finance department.

“It’s definitely the entrepreneurial and the funness of building something and seeing it grow and seeing if you can make it grow and seeing if it will work, when I built Automatic Backlinks, I woke up in a cold sweat at 4 o’clock in the morning and I just had the idea, like BOOM”

In this episode you will hear:

  • About the start up mentality
  • How did he grow his business
  • His motivation for being an entrepreneur
  • How to put a price on their product to reach different markets
  • How he got involved in the Joomla! Community
  • What it is like to build an international team in Spain
  • What tools does he use to run the company
  • How to find opportunities in a constantly changing occupation
  • Being the expert in the right niche in the market
  • How to become a volunteer for Joomla!

You can contact Søren here: