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Let visitors make an active decision to accept cookies


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  • PixCookies Restrict lets visitors accept or reject cookies

    Actually prevent cookies

    PixCookies Restrict differs from the cookie-cutter cookie extensions as it actually prevents cookies from being stored on the visitors computer, until active consent is given.

    • Built in feature to prevent Joomla! cookies, including session cookies

    • Possibility to add functionality for preventing 3rd party cookies

  • PixCookies Restrict has multiple options for layout and placement of the EU cookie law message

    Customizable EU cookie law message

    Write your own EU cookie law message or use the default message. Select from different presets for layout and placement of the message box. Different modes lets visitors give and/or revoke concent to cookies being placed.

    • Write your own message

    • Choose between different layouts and placements

    • Select a mode for giving and/or revoking consent

  • PixCookies Restrict is compatible with both PixTracker and PixAnalytic

    Extended functionality

    Do you need PixCookies Restrict to prevent the Google Analytics cookie? Just add PixAnalytic! Need to prevent any other third party cookies? Simply add them via PixTracker, which will also help you manage all your tracking scripts, and PixCookies Restrict will prevent these cookies until the user has given consent!

    • Compatible with PixAnalytics to add prevention for the Google Analytics cookie

    • Compatible with PixTracker to add prevention for any 3rd party cookies

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  • Pixpro Labs 30 days money back guarantee

    30 days money back guarantee

    If you for any reason decide that an extension you buy from us is not what you expected or does not meet your needs, we will refund your purchase. Read our refund policy.

  • Pixpro Labs 30 days money back guarantee

    30 days money back guarantee

    If you for any reason decide that an extension you buy from us is not what you expected or does not meet your needs, we will refund your purchase. Read our refund policy.

  • PixCookies RestrictLABS_FAQ

    Yes, PixCookies Restrict prevents Joomla! cookies, including session cookies, from being placed on the visitors computer. That means a user cannot, for instance, login prior to accepting cookies.

    Any 3rd party cookies placed via the Scripts field, or by using PixTracker, will also be prevented until consent is given.

    After a user has given consent, PixCookies Restrict keeps track of of this by storing a cookie on the users computer, lasting for one year. As long as PixCookies Restrict can detect that cookie, the user consent is still active. There is also the possibility to allow users to revoke consent using PixCookies Restrict.

    To prevent any cookies except the standard Joomla! cookies, the cookies needs to be placed using the Scripts field in the PixCookies Restrict plugin, or by using PixTracker.


    A subscription to any Pixpro Labs Joomla! extension will include the following:

    Downloading, installing and updating

    As long as the subscription is valid, you will have access to the Pixpro Labs support hub, where you can download the latest version of the extension for which the subscription is valid. You will also be able to access documentation and translations for the extension. There are no restrictions on how many times you can download the extension from the support hub, and you can install it and use it on any number of sites, for as long as you want.

    However, keep in mind that there may be a restriction on how many sites that can use the Joomla! Update System to update the extension from within the Joomla! backend. This will automatically be locked to the first three sites that uses this feature for the Single site support subscriptions.  If you need help changing these, please contact the support.


    As long as the subscription is valid, you will have access to the Pixpro Labs support forum, where you can ask questions and look for answers regarding the extension. There are no limits to the support you get via the community, but for the Single site support subscriptions, Team Pixpro will only be able to help you with issues for an installation on a single site. All support is limited to the extension for which the subscription is valid.

    Free extensions

    As part of Pixpro Labs commitment to give back to the Joomla! community, some extensions are offered free. These will come with a lifetime subscription, granting access to both downloads and the support forum in the support hub. Support from Team Pixpro will be limited for these extensions, but they are generally very easy to install and use. There are no limits to updating via the Joomla! Update System.

    Pixpro Labs uses Shopify and Stripe to handle purchases. First, choose the subscription you want and click the purchase button. A form will show up, asking you to fill in customer information. You can also apply any discount code you may have. Next, continue to the payment options and fill in the form. The final price may differ depending on the actual VAT rate applied.

    After you confirmed your purchase, you will be asked to confirm your email. When your email is confirmed, you will recieve a new email containing your login credentials for Pixpro Labs Support Hub. There, you will be able to download your purchased extension and also find documentation for the duration of your subscription.

    You are not limited to the number of Joomla! websites you can install an extension on. However, the subscription may be have a limit for how many of the websites* that may use the Joomla! Update System for updating the extension. Support may also be limited to one website, depending on your subscription. See the subscription information for more details regarding the different subscriptions available.

    * Based on the order the extension was installed on the websites.

    The extensions functionality is not dependent on a subscription, and will continue working even after a subscription has expired. However, you will no longer have access to updates via the Joomla! Update System, nor access to the Pixpro Labs Support Hub.

    First off, look through the extension documentation on the Support Hub. You can also visit the forum and search for any similar questions. If you cannot find any answers there, post a new question in the forum detailing your issue. You can include website login credentials as hidden information if needed. By using the forum, you might also help others facing the same issues. Our team will get back to you as soon as possible.

    We are always looking to improve our extensions and are happy to recieve feedback. However, we will not accept any feature requests directly, but we will consider any new ideas for future releases.