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Our mission is to simplify small business growth

We have designed a process that will benefit you now and as you grow. It’s fully customizable so you can adapt it to your own business i.e. branding, flow and messaging. It is designed to help you simplify your follow up by giving you accesses to our proven process.

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Our systemised process helps you follow up new contacts

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With a well-proven workflow to register your new contact, automatically send personalized and customized follow-up emails to invite them to schedule a meeting with you, and then a customized follow up depending on the result of the meeting.

Are you paying to attend an events to grow your network?

Following up is important if you are a member of a professional networking organization like BNI or if you are paying to attend an event to meet new connections. You are investing in yourself and your business and you want to have a positive return on that investment. Do you get the returns that you want on your networking investment? Even if you persevere with following-up today, is it sustainable as you grow your business?

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Are you good at networking? Are you also good at following up?

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How many new cards do you get when you network at an event? How many do you actually call or email after the event? How does it feel two or three weeks later when you haven’t gotten around to contacting them yet and the cards are sitting in the pile of cards from the previous events? Do you even remember what you discussed with any of them by this time? Do you keep “Dropping the ball”? Why not contact them right away!

We’ve been there, done that, but not anymore

We regularly attend events and meetups. And we found ourselves having this challenge as well, who doesn’t?! So we created a follow-up system to maximize the return on investment of our time and money spent networking.

The result for us has been more qualified meetings, more business, happier clients and a larger partner network. At the same time, we have saved time, are more organized and we no longer leave money on the table. Hallelujah!

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Result for you:

  • You will be organized
  • You will save time
    • only meet people who want to meet with you and know what you do
    • stop wasting time finding time to meet, re-booking or handling cancellations
  • You will be GDPR compliant
  • Your list will be segmented
  • More qualified meetings and fewer cancellations
  • You will know the networking activities that are profitable and worth the investment of your time and money.

Results for your new contacts:

  • Your contacts will receive your contact info directly after the meeting
  • Your contacts will get a personal and prompt follow up
  • Your contacts will get to know more about what you do before scheduling a meeting with you
  • Your contacts will get invited to 1-2-1 meetings
  • Your contacts can easily schedule their meeting with you in your online calendar, saving them time and also giving them the possibility to reschedule or cancel.

Why order a PRO Workflow by Pixpro?

Our proven processes have been created for small businesses just like yours. You will save time! We have done the heavy lifting for you, creating and testing it. Since it only takes 20-30 minutes to modify, it is ready for you to use so you can start developing a relationship with your new contacts quickly. It is fully adaptable to your business, you can easily modify it to reflect your own brand, your messaging and even change the flow. The workflow is documented and if you have any questions using it just post them in our closed Facebook Group and other users or the experts at Pixpro will help you out.

Price: EURO 1.000 plus VAT when applicable. 
You need an Infusionsoft account to utilize the workflow.

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Buy Infusionsoft

If you don’t have Infusionsoft yet we are Infusionsoft Certified Partners and resell Infusionsoft. Order Infusionsoft from us and we will add your Pro Campaigns inside your Infusionsoft so you can get going now. 

Jumpstart by Pixpro

  • Online training - to jumpstart your Infusionsoft use.

  • Weekly Office Hours - where you as a member can join each week and get hands-on on help with Infusionsoft.

  • Our closed Facebook Group - for support by peers and experts.

Get access for EURO 500 for the first 3 months. Then EURO 99 a month if you want to continue. Or choose the most valuable offer: EURO 1000 for 12 months.

How can we help you?

We help entreprenurs and small business owners to simplify growth with online courses, digital growth strategies, business automation and masterminds.


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