Episode #9 Ryan Ozimek

Live from Washington DC, Ryan is CEO at PICnet which started back in 2001 with the focus to serve non profit organisations with technology. Today they have built an app platform, Soapbox Engage, that nonprofit organizations use to do everything from online fundraising and advocacy, event registration etc. With Soapbox Engage, which is the flagship platform and product, they can serve tiny to very large organisations. All of their services are built on the Joomla framework.

“Do you find it's getting easier the more you get involved? Ya, I think that the more often we’re contributing back to the community, the more people know who we are and what we stand for and why we contribute...”

In this episode you will hear:

  • How the company team has evolved over the years
  • From projects to product based model
  • How to find new team members
  • Physical team vs. virtual team dynamics
  • How they find clients by getting involved in the community instead of marketing and advertising
  • What tools he uses in his business to stay connected
  • The different stages of the business
  • His vision to Democratize Technology to make it affordable
  • His company is very clear on who their avatar is within the organizations they serve
  • His vision for the future, what to add and what could be removed
  • Balancing his busy work schedule with his live style
  • Advice for people who are not yet volunteering for the Joomla! project
  • How Joomla! has had an impact on his business and life

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