Episode #7 Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen

I am proud to announce from Ronni K. Gothard Christiansen from Aesir, as my special guest on the #7 episode of Pixpro Labs LIVE Show.

Live from Odense Denmark, Ronni is CEO and founder of Aesir. He is also founder of the world’s largest Joomla! agency redWEB as well as redcomponent.com which at one time had 278 extensions with half a million downloads of the redshop e-commerce extension for Joomla!.

Today he mainly works with the Aesir marketing platform which is helping business thrive and digitally transform to be digitally prepared for the future to be aware of the changes in the customer behaviour and have the tools to see and understand that behaviour to better accommodate the needs, requirements and purposes of their customers.

“Joomla is the perfect middle ground in the sense that it is fairly simple to use... it is a little more complicated than Wordpress but on the other hand you can do so much more and are much more empowered to change your website because of the plugins and modules and the flexibility to change things yourself... and compared to Drupal where you need a consultant to do pretty much everything.”

In this episode you will hear:

  • How he got into the world of Joomla!
  • Not just building websites but helping to ten fold the turnover
  • Standing on the shoulders of Joomla to build living and vibrant websites
  • Creating local “Safe harbors” in a global system with Aesir and Joomla!
  • Why companies need to transform internal processes from “inside out” to “outside in” and become a competitive force in today’s economy
  • Every action by a user is valuable information to define meaningful behaviour patterns for quality sales followups
  • Digital revolution with global expansion
  • Empowering partners and growing together
  • Being proud of products developed for clients
  • Volunteering for Joomla! is easier today and is something special and meaningful


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