Episode #5 Aleksander Kuczek

I am very glad to announce from Aleksander Kuczek from Perfect Dashboard, as my special guest on the #5 episode of Pixpro Labs LIVE Show.

Live from Kraków, Poland, Aleksander talks about keeping the web updated and why Joomla! is important for the Internet.

Aleksander found Joomla! a decade ago and is involved in the JED team and as the VP of Open Source Matters. Together with a skilled team, he has also made Joomla! his success as the CEO of Perfect Dashboard.

Some of the things he discusses

  • How he found his calling in website maintenance
  • How to successfully change business models
  • Seeing the benefits for different user groups
  • How to value your product and pricing
  • The future for Perfect Dashboard and some exiting technologies behind it
  • Marketing, partnerships and win-win situations
  • Personal time management
  • What makes a good team
  • The importance of not reinventing the wheel and to learn to accept imperfection
  • Why it is important to contribute to Joomla! and what working with the community may give you


Perfect Dashboard

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