Episode #35 Terry Hamill

Joining us from Portugal, Terry Hamill from BNI Merseyside. Originally from Scotland, he has basically been involved with networking all his live. After being kicked out of school when he was 15, he went into hairdressing which got him into talking to people. After a few years of being involved in the hairdressing businesses, in 1999 he was invited to a crazy event called BNI in Manchester where people got together and shared contacts. Now, 20 years later, he manages BNIs in regions all over the UK, Brazil, 110 groups in Portugal and was involved in the whole of Europe. He calls himself a connector. This interview is full of networking tips that you can use to grow your networking and invest in quality 1-2-1 meetings that are profitable to both parties.

“Your mother told you, ‘Never talk to strangers’, get over that.”

In this episode you will hear:

  • What is BNI?
  • Tips on how to start an engaging conversation with anyone, anywhere
  • How to end a conversation and move on to the next one
  • How do you get the trust of someone for them to give you their contact information
  • About using Facebook bots
  • How can we be better at getting into a One to One meeting
  • What is the key failure of follow-up
  • About finding a mentor
  • What are the three phases of networking
  • How do you measure the value of a networking event
  • How to make sure your 1-2-1’s are the right ones for you
  • About ice-breakers, don’t underestimate those tiny things
  • About automating your networking
  • Advice to boost your new business

The best way to contact Terry is:

Website: https://www.facebook.com/terryhamillofficial/

You are also welcome to test out the bot mentioned in the program. https://m.me/pixproglobal with the keywords pdf and network.

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