Episode #30 Arjen Schrijvers

Live from the Netherlands, Arjen Schrijvers from Schrijvers123.nl. In 2005, Arjen started his own website building business. When he found Joomla he was impressed with how open and flexible it was and how the community around it had evolved professionally. For these reasons, he decided to use Joomla! for his business. Arjen tries to build every website without extensions (where possible) so that he knows exactly what is happening. He says that the advantage with using Joomla! is that it is more feature proof and better manageable. Regarding the Joomla! framework, Arjen says that it is clean, fast and robust. This is what makes Joomla stand out from other Open Source CMS.

Arjen's business model involves websites, hosting and training. In this interview, you will hear how all three of these elements are important aspects to be safe and secure when working with the Internet.

“Websites, hosting and training, all three come together as security. If I don’t train customers about security and about how important it is to be safe when working on the internet, how then can they be safe! Or, as I try to educate my customers that they are a Human Firewall.”

In this episode you will hear:

  • How he works together with others in a network
  • How he finds others to work with
  • How he finds clients and how he bills them
  • What he uses as a marketing tool
  • How he has been involved in the Learning Partner program
  • Why he got involved with hosting
  • What is the most fun about running his business
  • What is the most challenging thing about his business
  • Where to start with GDPR
  • What is the worst mistake he sees people are doing in regards to GDPR
  • About volunteering with the Joomla! Community

Special Offer:

If you order a domain name or hosting via shop.schrijvers123.nl before June 1st, you will get 10% discount with the code pixprolabs.

Where can you contact Arjen:
Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. 

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