Episode #29 Peter Martin

Live from the Netherlands, this week's guest on Pixpro Labs Live Show is Peter Martin from db8.nl. Peter has his own Joomla business and has been working with Joomla since 2015. He was teaching computer skills Word and creating websites when he discovered Mambo just before the Joomla! fork happened. In 2005 he started his business own part-time business and two years later he went full time. Recently he co-founded with Sigrid Gramlinger data2.eu with a GDPR-tool that focuses on helping small and medium-sized business to comply with the new GDPR laws.

Around 22 minutes into the interview, the conversation turns to the new GDPR and how to business need to prepare for it. You will hear about some complicated issues and situations that business will need to be aware of. If you haven’t started preparing for GDPR deadline, May 25, 2018, you should listen and start taking action now.

"Privacy by default, privacy by design" 

In this episode you will hear:

  • How he came up with the company name db8
  • How he works by himself while also having a team
  • How speaking at events has impacted his business
  • How he attracts clients
  • How Joomla! has changed his live
  • About volunteering with the Joomla! Community
  • How he sells his services to clients that do not use Joomla!
  • A little about updates and backups
  • About May 25th, the importance of privacy and the bureaucracy that is coming with it
  • Some strange and tricky issues when trying to implement GDPR in your business
  • What are the first things one should do when preparing for GDPR compliance
  • About “Working group article 29
  • How Joomla and WordPress compares to the Beatles and Rolling Stones

In this episode you will not hear (Peter forgot to talk about it!) :

  • Options Manager for Joomla to import/export the Options you configured in your Components, Plugins, Modules and Template Styles. Peter developed it to save a lot of time when installing new websites and decided to release it as a commercial component. There is a free lite version available.

Where can you contact Peter:
Website: https://data2.eu/en/, https://db8.nl/
Twitter: @pe7er

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