Episode #25 Pixpro Inner Circle

This week we decided to introduce you to the Pixpro Inner Circle, a mastermind style group for small business owners. The leaders of Pixpro Inner Circle Sarah Watz, Joe Sonne, and Rod Martin joined us live.

If anyone ever wished that they had an experienced board of advisors this would be it. You will have piers from all different industries that come with all kinds of experience. As the business entrepreneur, we come with one core competency and we find that we have to do everything else, that’s called bootstrapping, and there’s nothing worse than doing it alone.” Joe Sonne

Statistically the vast majority of small businesses don’t use marketing automation yet and it’s never been less expensive or easier to get into than it is today. People can get into marketing automation today, far cheaper, far more quickly and far more effectively than ever before and it is a resource that so many businesses’ could use but have never thought about.” Rod Martin

In this episode you will hear:

  • What you can expect as a member
  • How to set goals with the group and how sharing goals will create accountability
  • The value of having two 90-minute group calls per month
  • The value of networking with people around the world
  • Who can benefit from this mastermind group
  • The value of getting in early

More information about the Pixpro Inner Circle:
Website: https://www.pixproacademy.com/p/pixpro-inner-circle

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