Episode #2 Joe Sonne

I am happy to announce Joe Sonne, from joejoomla.com, as my special guest on the second episode of Pixpro Labs LIVE Show.

Live from Guelph in Ontario Canada, Joe has been involved since 2005. He was introduced to Joomla! through the Joomla! forum.  

He shares with us his journey from user to volunteer to board member to fundraiser. Joe has a great wealth of wisdom as a seasoned Joomla! specialist and talks about why we shouldn’t sell ourselves short but build a list of A+ clients. From volunteer to board member, he has done a lot behind the scenes for the Joomla! Project. He talks about the wide range of volunteers behind the Joomla! project and about raising money for the Project with the Capital Team.

Notes from the Show:

  • Why investing in Joomla! is a good investment and being a sponsor during events will promote your business.
  • His experience speaking for the first time at a conference and what that lead to.
  • How Joomla has changed the industry.
  • Positioning your business to attract the A+ clients instead of the bargain basement shoppers.
  • Finding local clients using social media. Making yourself easily found.
  • A focused web presentation so leads know what to expect and be fast tracked through qualification into clients.
  • How he runs his business and structures his contracts.
  • How he plans to grow in the next two years.
  • Why he picked Joomla! over other applications.




Joe is offering a 5% discount to all his clients and any new clients if you mention Pixpro Labs Live Show to Joe in an email or phone call.

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