Episode #19 Steven Pignataro

This weeks guest is Steven Pignataro, CEO of 'corePHP'. He was one of the first to contribute with Mambo development in 2000. In 2009, his twin brother Michael joined him and is now co-owner of this growing company. They have expanded their services to include WordPress, Drupal and other frameworks to serve their clients as solution providers. Originally he wanted to become a psychiatrist, then a stage illusionist, but then he fell in love with the technology field as a way of being creative and expressing himself. And through the web he could get the products into people's hands.

"Every business has it’s 'ups and downs' and 'successes and failures', you have to take the failures and turn them into successes, you have to learn from them so you can continue growing."

In this episode you will hear:

  • How he keeps motivation up when problems come up
  • What the toughest question to ask a client is
  • Why he went from 'strictly Joomla!' to a Solutions Provider
  • What his biggest win is (hint: it’s not software)
  • What his company philosophy is
  • What has been the most difficult with running his business
  • What his most popular Joomla! extension is
  • How he attracts new clients
  • Why they chose to diversify with other CMS systems and frameworks
  • Him describe how he screens clients and his project structure and delivery
  • What's coming soon from 'corePHP'
  • About the benefits from volunteering and supporting the Joomla! Project
  • Some great advice for extension developers and service providers

How to contact Steven:

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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