Episode #18 Victor Drover

Live from Sussex, Wisconsin, Victor Drover, from Treeflame. A self-taught HTML, CSS and PHP developer, became a full-time extension developer around 2007 and has evolved to agency work, SAS work and IT solutions for web companies. He has volunteered for the Joomla! project for several years. He reveals his journey from there to here, how his personal life played a part to influence his professional life.

“A lot of the new or young agencies make a lot of mistakes that we made when we were a new agency and young professionals, Watchful lets them be organized... and it’s an opportunity for education for new agencies when they use that service.”

In this episode you will hear:

  • How he started with developing extensions
  • A little discussion about security updates on old subscriptions
  • Why he doesn’t develop for other CMS’s
  • What is his most important tool for running his business
  • What other tools for managing a team
  • What inspired him to make the career change from academic research to Treeflame
  • How to calculate prices for services
  • Why he thinks Joomla is actually cheaper to maintain than other CMS systems
  • How to manage the largest extension database on the planet
  • Marketing for new customers vs servicing existing customers
  • How volunteering for Joomla! has affected his business and his people skills

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