Episode #17 Peter Bui

Live from Australia is Peter Bui, director and Co-owner of PB Web Development since 2005. When their rent lease was up and couldn’t be renewed they decided to sell everything and take the business on the road and become nomadic web developers. They trained their clients to be able to work with them that way while they began traveling the world. It’s not all sunshine and roses but it works for them.

Advice to startups: “I highly recommend transitioning yourself from your day job over to the web industry by (first) building up the client base and getting regular payments with project milestones and then getting clients on to retainers before you leave a full time job.”

In this episode you will hear:

  • Benefits of being an entrepreneur
  • How they transitioned into hiring staff members
  • The importance of bonding with overseas team members
  • What it is like to work while traveling
  • How recruiting the right people can change everything
  • Partnering with other agencies to make things easier
  • How do they determine their fees
  • What do they included in their retainer service
  • Tools they have used and are using for team management
  • Using time management to optimise the day
  • Tools used with clients
  • Looking into the future with Cryptocurrency
  • Getting involved with the Joomla! community

Where can you contact Peter:

  • Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/iampeterbui

How can we help you?

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