Episode #11 Jen Kramer

Live from Boston Massachusetts, USA, Sarah has a very insightful conversation with Jen Kramer who has been involved with web development for the last 17 years. She learned the business with Dreamweaver, HTML and different content management systems including Joomla but 5 years ago she made a big switch to full time teaching with a little web development on the side. She is currently a lecturer at Harvard Extension School teaching front end web development, HTML and CSS, user experience and interface, website design and planning. Besides all that she has written several books and has done 27 online courses but actually she has been teaching just about all of her life in one way or another. This conversation is loaded with wisdom, tips and interesting ways of looking at web development and education. You won’t be disappointed.

“What I always found was that by teaching I learn...”

In this episode you will hear:

  • Transition from one to one consulting to online teaching
  • The difference between speaking to a camera and teaching a live class
  • Students have to ask questions to learn...
  • What is her favorite topic to teach
  • Common issues with extension developers web sites
  • How much a blue website would cost?
  • Pros and cons of videos on the web
  • Her insights on website planning
  • How an IKEA store is compared to a website, especially the showroom
  • What people think about your website will affect how they perceive your brand
  • Is your funnel like a champagne glass, wine glass or a shot glass?
  • With so many options, what technology do you choose?
  • Your website is software

You can contact Jen here:

Website: http://jenkramer.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/webdesignjen
Twitter: https://twitter.com/jen4web

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