Lifecycle Marketing

LCM a-s-w

Traffic. Conversion. Engagement.

Creating a sales and marketing strategy for a business can be daunting. The Lifecycle Marketing model provides a powerful strategic framework yet easy to adapt that you can use to design a marketing plan that will help you attract customers, grow sales and deliver an experience that wows your customers.


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LCM targetTarget

  • Create an ideal customer profile and develop a positioning statement.
  • Use demographic information such as age, annual income and educational attainment. Use psychographic information such as behaviors, hobbies and values.

LCM attract interestAttract Interest

  • Attract interest through great content, word of mouth and social media.
  • Other methods to attract interest: SEO, content, ads, PPC, PR direct mail.
  • Utilize lead magnets (coupons, contests, free trials etc.)

LCM collect leadsCollect Leads

  • Encourage leads to sign up to receive your content.
  • Lead capture methods webforms, contact forms, demo etc.)
  • Organize prospect and customer in- formation (data- base, CRM etc.)

LCM educateEducate

  • Create an experience hat connects to buyers and guides them toward solutions.
  • Answer the questions that customers have before purchasing.
  • Address their con- cerns where they are. (blog, email, social, etc.)

LCM offerOffer

  • Develop a sales process that aligns with your prospects’ buying process.
  • Provide solutions to customer pain points.
  • Use lead scoring, offers, deadlines, calls-to-action, etc.)

LCM closeClose

  • Implement tactics that align with your sales cycle to close the sale.
  • Make it easy to buy from you (procedures, documents, payments, etc.)

LCM deliver wowDeliver & Wow

  • Develop a great customer service experience and provide added value that delights customers.
  • Use customer surveys such as NPS scoring to improve customer experience.
  • Wow in the first 30 days (personal thank you notes, emails, etc.)

LCM offer moreOffer More

  • Develop a strategy to help generate additional sales and recurring revenue over time.
  • Cross Sell: Create the perfect product or service pairings.
  • Upsell: Special treatment, warranties or monthly programs.
  • New products: New items that will enhance their lives.

LCM get referalsGet Referrals

  • Generate referrals by creating incentives for customers who refer you.
  • Ask for referrals (surveys, cards, etc.)
  • Reward customers who refer (discounts, gifts, coupons, etc.)