2017-09-19 version 1.0.0

  • Now as a stand alone plugin, compatible with most Joomla! editors.
  • Supports all UTF-8 language files.
  • It can now import xls, csv and ods sheets.

2017-07-07 version 2.0.24

  • PixParse XLS has been temporarily been removed from the shop.

2015-10-01 version 2.0.24

  • Fixed bug in Joomla! 3

2013-07-12 version 2.0.22

  • Fixed bug that prevented it from working in JCE higher than 2.0.21 and Joomla! higher than 2.5.4.
  • Removed the Joomla! version number from the plugin version number.
  • This version of PixParse XLS has been tested for Joomla! 2.511 and 3.1 when using JCE 2.3.24.
  • If your using older versions you can download an older versin of PixParse XLS.