Getting started

Import an .xls file

If you are using the TinyMCE editor you will see the button in the toolbox. If you are using another editor you will find the button under the content box. 

ppx button tinymceppx button jce

Click the Import sheet button to open the PixParse dialog box.

  1. Choose the file to be parsed. (here are sample files: people.xls - languages.xls)
  2. Click the Parse button. The results are seen in the dialog box before you insert it into your article.
  3. Click the Insert table button and the table will be inserted where your curser is.

ppx dialog

The Results

Name Address City State
Tom Smith 31 Clyde St. Warwick RI
Rick Castro 59 Main St. Boston MA
Mike DeSilver 83 W.51st St New York NY