2018-05-08 version 1.1.0

New features
  • Added Cookie prevention functionality, similar to that of PixCookies Restrict*. Settings for this is located in the System - PixGDPR plugin.
  • Added a new module, PixGDPR Cookie consent, used to let visitors give consent to cookies.
  • Renamed the plugins to standard names.
  • Updated UI for plugins.
Bug fixes
  • Fixed Email notification status.

* Note that PixGDPR is not yet compatible with PixTracker, however it will be in a future release.

2018-04-23 version 1.0.3

New features
  • A new option for adding a GDPR ready Terms of service checkbox to the user registration form was added.
  • Email notification was added as an option for PixGDPR user management. An email containing personal information can be sent to the DPO in order to manage any third party services affected by GDPR.
  • A dashboard module was added for easy overview of PixGDPR from the Joomla! control panel.
  • The log for PixGDPR user management now also contains information about actions performed by PixGDPR. No personal data is stored in the log.
  • The log is now viewable in the dashboard module.

2018-03-01 version 1.0.0