Personal data functionality

This is the main feature of PixGDPR and the functionality that gives your users the possibility to be self-served in regards to GDPR requests such as Forget me! and requesting a copy of personal data. With the function activated, any user logged in to the website can trigger the actions for these requests on the Edit User Profile menu item.

The Personal data functionality is activated by enabling the User - PixGDPR plugin and editing the corresponding settings. Remember to activate any additional plugins required for your website, see section below.


The settings for the PixGDPR Personal data functionality can be found in the User - PixGDPR plugin, under the Personal data tab, and are as follows:

PixGDPR Personal data settings


This setting relates to what PixGDPR does to personal data affected by a Forget me! or Automatic purge. The available options are deletion and anonymization, see corresponding section in Getting started. Select the option that best matches your needs regarding GDPR.

Out of date

This setting is used for defining the time (in days) data should be stored on inactive users. Users inactive longer than this are valid for Automatic purge. When the Automatic purge is triggered, all personal data related to these validated users will be handled accordingly to the action set for PixGDPR.

Email notification

By entering an email into this field, the email notifications for PixGDPR is enabled. With the notifications enabled, an email will be sent to the stored email address each time PixGDPR affects user data. The email will contain personal information from the user accounts affected in order for a DPO to handle any third party, offsite, services containg data on the users.

Redirect on Forget me!

Here you can select a menu item to which users requesting a Forget me! will be redirected. Remember that the users will be logged out as the user account is either deleted or scrambled.

Additional plugins

As PixGDPR is built as an open framework, meant to be extended, it requires additional plugins to be enabled in order to fully function. These are the plugins responsible for defining which parts of the database that contains personal data. In the basic version, there are two plugins:

PixGDPR - Joomla! Users

This plugin defines the Joomla! core Users table fields containing personal data. This plugin should always be enabled.  

PixGDPR - Joomla! User profiles

This plugin defines the Joomla! core User profiles table fields containing personal data. This plugin is only needed if the Joomla! core plugin User - Profile is enabled. 

3rd party plugins

There may be a number of 3rd party plugins available, all defining fields with personal data for their respective extension. If you cannot find a plugin for an extension you use, let the developer of the extension know about the PixGDPR platform.