2018-06-04 version 1.1.2

  • Updated installation UX
Bug fixes
  • Fixed UI bug for Grouping options
  • Fixed bug for slideshow where pages would change twice

2018-05-16 version 1.1.1

New features
  • Added pagination using pageload.
  • Now possible to mix options for selecting using tags.
  • Added search field to frontend, used to filter results by article title.
  • Option to use translatable title for the module, using JText.
  • Added another layout; Yootheme / UIkit compatible accordion.
  • Advanced option to have custom parameters used in layouts.
  • Now also available in Italian.
  • Frontend editing for articles (default layout only).
  • Added styling options for Article Links; class and separator.
  • Added styling options for Read More; class and translatable label.
  • Added styling options for Tags; class, separator and translatable label.
  • Detection of dynamic parameters improved.
  • Miscaleneous improvments to layouts.
Bug fixes
  • Article link override now routed using JRout.
  • Tag filtering issues fixed.
  • Now selecting articles correctly for Publish up / down.
  • Miscaleneous bug fixes.

2017-09-01 version 1.0.0