Getting started

Install PixAnalytic extension ( see Installing and uninstalling ). 

Go to Extensions, Plugin Manager and find the System - PixAnalytic plugin. Open the plugin and enable it.

pixanalytic open


Next, select a version of Google Analytics (GA) to use:  universal (default) or classic (legacy). If you are still using classic however, Google strongly recommend migrating to univeral. The other available settings are:

  • Google Analytic property ID - make sure you use the GA version corresponding to your property ID.
  • Optional cookie domain - if to be other than the website domain.
  • Enhanced link attribution* - differentiate between multiple in-page links to the same URL.
  • Disable cookie** - Optionally let the plugin use visitor IP addresses to calculate a unique client ID instead of using a cookie. Accuracy is decreased a little but data is collected even if cookies aren't accepted. (Available for universal version only.)
  • Anonymize IP** - Optionally anonymize visitor IP addresses by telling Google Analytics to not store the full IP address.

*) Available for classic version only.
**) Available for universal version only.

PixAnalytic plugin settings - universal

PixAnalytic plugin settings - classic

Save the changes. You have now installed PixAnalytics on your site and started collecting data in your Google Analytics account!