Our Joomla extensions have full language support. You can find language installation packages to download here on Pixpro Labs individual extension Documentation section. There you will find all the translations available at this time. There you can download a zip file and then install it with the Joomla! admin Extensions/Manage/Install menu.

When we get the extensions translated into a new language we will include the new language files in the next release of the extension so you will feel at home right from the start. We would like to make all our extensions available in as many languages as possible and for this we need your help.

We need translators for our extensions

Our vision is to bring quality products to the international Joomla! Community. To do this we need help with translating the products into the different languages of the community. We are looking for community members who are willing to help us and join our team of translators. As part of the translation project you will have access to the extension or extensions that you are helping us with for as long as you are helping us.

Contribute and get recognition

As part of the translation team, your contribution will be recognized here on the Labs translation pages and also through social media if you provide us with your social media handle to the channels you use. We respect your privacy and will only publish information about you that you request to be published. A form will be provided at a later date for this information.

If you are interested, let us know by filling in the "Want to contribute?" form.