Pixpro Labs LIVE Show

Sarah Watz, the CEO of Pixpro Labs, will invite people running businesses that provide Joomla! extensions, templates, services, hosting, training etc to have a heartfelt and authentic conversation about business, life, and Joomla! These will be broadcasted live on Facebook on Mondays at 3 PM CEST.

The purpose of our conversations in the Pixpro Labs LIVE Show is for us all to get to know the guests better, to understand their why, why they choose Joomla, how Joomla has changed their lives, how they do it, some insights of their businesses, their ups & downs, what advice they would like to share with those of us that would like to start a business in the Joomla ecosystem or improve our existing business etc.

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  • Live Show Episode 31
  • Live Show Episode 31
  • Sara Thornton

    I've just watched a few of the live shows, and it's so nice to see honest and open interviews with real business owners and to hear some of the challenges a lot of us face. I found myself nodding along and thinking "it's not just me!"

    Sara Thornton, Founder at WebHolism

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