Track single page visits or site wide activity.

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It works together with PixCookies Restrict so you will comply with the EU Cookie Law


What’s in it for you?

Unique page code

Place unique code on individual pages or menu items

Comply with the law

PixTracker works together with PixCookies Restrict which controls the placing of cookies on user devices

Grow your lists...

based on page visits. Micro tracking for retargeting/remarketing list development

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€ 39 / 6 months


  • Unique code for unique pages
  • Central management of all codes
  • Connect code to Joomla! Articles or menu items.
  • Compatible with PixCookie Restrict


  • Unlimited domains
  • Lifetime usage
  • 6 months unlimited downloads
  • 6 months access to new updates via Joomla administrator interface
  • 6 months basic support
  • 6 months access to documentation, support forum and translations
  • 30 days money back guarantee

Frequently asked questions

How do I get my extension after purchase?

You will get an email with login information to our Support Hub were you can download your extension. You will have access to the Support Hub during the time of your subscription.

How does the buying process work?

Click on the "Purchase" button and fill in the form for a 6 month subscription to the extension's services. The final price may differ depending on the actual VAT rate applied.

Will my extension stop working if I don't have a valid subscription?

The extension functionality is not dependent on a subscription and will continue working after a subscription has expired. But you will no longer have access to updates from within Joomla Administrator or access to our Support Hub.

Can I install this on all my websites?

Yes, you can install it on how many websites you like. The only restriction is that the forum support will only be avaiable for one of the installs

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Technical specifications

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GPLv2 or later
Paid download
Uses updater
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