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PixSearch enhances Joomla’s core search

What’s in it for you?

Enhance Joomla!

PixSearch uses Joomla’s core search function and adds AJAX to it.

Get faster search results

Get the search results as you type your query, from the fourth key and on.

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It’s free! What are you waiting for?

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  • Instant results using AJAX
  • Result order selectable
  • Group results per category
  • Search mode options: All, any, exact
  • Results per page selectable, pagination for multiple pages
  • Icons optional
  • Readmore link optional
  • Searchable areas of content selectable: Categories, contacts, articles, newsfeeds, weblinks, tags
  • Over 20 languages available in translations!


  • Unlimited domains
  • Lifetime usage
  • Lifetime unlimited downloads
  • Lifetime access to new updates via Joomla administrator interface
  • Lifetime basic support
  • Lifetime access to documentation, support forum and translations

Are you hosting your site with Siteground?

If you are hosting your site with Siteground you will need to contact them and ask them to re-add the rule for Search bar.

A false-positive alarm with the mod_security rules causes the module to malfunction. What these rules do is filter all of the requests that come to your site. It is a set of rules with regular expressions that helps to instantly ex-filtrate the commonly known exploits. Modsecurity obstructs the processing of invalid data (code injection attacks) to reinforce and nourish server's security. However, false-positive alarms are also possible. These rules will need to be whitelisted on Siteground in order for PixSearch to function properly.

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Technical specifications

Last updated
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GPLv2 or later
Free download
Uses updater
Joomla! compatibility