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Give your visitors the opportunity to make an active decision to accept cookies

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Obey the EU Cookie Law

Easy to comply to the EU Cookie Law

What's in it for you?

Your own customized EU Cookie Law message

Write your own EU Cookie Law message and place the module in any position.

Makes it easy for your visitors to accept & revoke Joomla cookies

The vitistors can easily accept or revoke there concent to cookies.

Include Google Analytics cookies with PixAnalytics

Compatible with our extension PixAnalytics to also include cookies from Google Analytics.

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PixCookies Restrict

€ 19 / 6 months


  • Customised EU Cookie Law message
  • User triggered acceptance of cookies
  • User triggered revoke of acceptance of cookies
  • PixAnalytics compatible


  • Unlimited domains
  • Lifetime usage
  • 6 months unlimited downloads
  • 6 months access to new updates via Joomla administrator interface
  • 6 months basic support
  • 6 months access to documentation, support forum and translations
  • 30 days money back guarantee


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  • Unlimited domains
  • Lifetime usage
  • 12 months unlimited downloads
  • 12 months access to new updates via Joomla administrator interface
  • 12 months basic support
  • 12 months access to documentation, support forum and translations
  • 30 days money back guarantee


Frequently asked questions

What is the EU Cookie Law?

The European Commession published Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations in 2011 and then ammended these regulations in 2013. Basically these regulations require websites to inform the visitor about the use of cookies by the website and require the visitors concent before the site can store a cookie on the visitors device. If you have the PixCookies Restrict plugin installed and activated on your website, it will prevent the storing of cookies on the visitors device until the visitor has agreed to the storing of cookies on their device by clicking on the accept button in a PixCookies Restrict module. Thus helping your website to comply with this EC Directive.

What is does PixCookie Restrict do?

It will stop the standard Joomla! installation cookies from being placed on the visitors device until the visitor has actively agreed to accept cookies. This is done by clicking the module concent button. It will also look for cookies placed there by JavaScript and remove them. We do not guarantee the prevention and/or removal of all third party cookies, for example cookies placed there by Facebook. However, in the case of Google Analytics, we have developed the plugin PixAnalytic to compliment PixCookies Restrict which will prevent Google Analytics cookies from being placed the visitors divice until the user has agreed to accept cookies.

Do I have any options for the layout of the message?

The module has three Alternative Layouts. It can be set so that the visitor is asked to Accept or allow cookies and then disappear, Reject or stop allowing cookies and then disappear, or it will perform both functions which means it doesn't disappear. When the button is clicked it turns into the opposit function. These layouts give you you the freedom to adapt the module to the design of your site. Important: After installation, enable the System - PixCookies Restrict plugin AND set it to the last position in the ordering.

How do I get my extension after purchase?

You will get an email with login information to our Support Hub were you can download your extension. You will have access to the Support Hub during the time of your subscription.

How does the buying process work?

Click on the "Purchase" button and fill in the form for a 6 month subscription to the extension's services. The final price may differ depending on the actual VAT rate applied.

Will my extension stop working if I don't have a valid subscription?

The extension functionality is not dependent on a subscription and will continue working after a subscription has expired. But you will no longer have access to updates from within Joomla Administrator or access to our Support Hub.

Can I install this on all my websites?

Yes, you can install it on how many websites you like. The only restriction is that the forum support will only be avaiable for one of the installs.

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