The Lab

Extend your Joomla! website

As we help our clients with their digital needs, we often face obstacles which have no existing solution, and so, we solve the problem ourselves. If the resulting extension could be useful for others, we put it here in the lab. Our extensions can help the publisher to plan and organise publications, the analyst to track and manage statistics and the ethics department to feel safe and effective.

  • PixPublish


    Plan and view your content with this content publishing calendar for Joomla!

  • PixBuilder


    Build complex web designs and still keep it simple!

  • PixParse Sheets

    PixParse Sheets

    Turn Sheets into beautiful HTML tables with the click of a button.

  • PixTracker


    An extensive script management extension for Joomla!

  • PixAnalytic


    The easy way to place your Analytics code into every page of your website.

  • PixCookies Restrict

    PixCookies Restrict

    Manages the placement of standard Joomla! installation cookies.

  • PixSearch


    PixSearch enhances Joomla’s core search with AJAX search results, fast and easy!

  • PixTitle


    Improve your SEO and get a higher Google ranking with this extraordinary extension!

  • PixPremium Bundle

    PixPremium Bundle

    Buy all of the Pixpro Labs extensions in one great bundle!

  • Grow your Joomla! business

    If you are ready to grow, we are ready to help. Our mission with Pixpro Labs is to help Joomla! businesses grow to their full potential. Therefore we have gathered our expertise into this platform to help you where you are at right now. Whether you are just starting out or ready to scale to new levels, there is something here for everyone.

  • Choose your destination


    Growing your business can be demanding. Many business owners don’t know where to start. We at Pixpro are here to help you focus on what works now and to simplify your growth and business journey. That is why we have created three different growth planes that can carry you to your next destination. Choose your destination and sign up for our free educational email series that will take you to your destination.

  • Pixpro Labs LIVE Show

    LIVE Show

    Every week the CEO of Pixpro Labs, Sarah Watz, presents a live show with successful entrepreneurs who have built their business around the Joomla! ecosystem. It’s a heartfelt and authentic conversation about business, life and Joomla! We’ll get insights into their businesses and the ups and downs, behind the scenes, plus advice for those of us who would like to start a business in the Joomla! ecosystem or improve our existing business.

  • Business Development & Digital Strategy Services

    Business Development & Digital Strategy Services

    We help you to develop your online business. To put it simply, we offer sessions with our strategists and/or implementers. Purchase a credit package to pay for your sessions. Then you will be sent a link to our online calendar to schedule your sessions.

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