Simplify your business. Manage clients and leads better with Keap.

Swap out spreadsheets for easy-to-use, smart client management software that helps turn incoming leads into satisfied clients.

Use Keap to organize all your customer information and day-to-day work while streamlining administrative tasks to help you concentrate on your customers.

Leads are good. Customers are better. Winning business often requires fast email follow-up, efficient scheduling and the ability to deliver a referral, quickly.

From the first meeting to billing and paid, your customers are impressed by your speed and professionalism. Offer your customers a really good customer experience throughout the customer journey.

Order Keap from us and get started with Keap together with Pixpro, a Keap Certified Partner in Sweden, that service clients globally. It ensures that you get the help you need to successfully take advantage of all the smart features of Keap.

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Keap is designed to help small business owners do a good job. If you are looking for a smarter help with the everyday routine tasks that take your time and resources.

Here we have highlighted some of the features available in Keap.

  • Organize important customer information in one place

    Organize important customer information in one place

    Collect your existing contacts or add new leads by scanning a business card, importing contact lists, importing cluttered spreadsheets, or entering the contacts directly into a form on your site. Everything is at hand, available on all your devices.

  • Win the business with less back-and-forth

    Win the business with less back-and-forth

    Keap’s appointment and quote features end the back-and-forth of finding a time to meet and accelerates the quote acceptance process. The software updates in real-time so you and your clients are always on the same page.

  • Make leads to customers, your way

    Make leads to customers, your way

    When you have all your information about your new and existing customers centralized, communication can be automatically sent to them at the right time, with relevant information and personally. It frees up your time to focus on what's important - take care of your customers.

  • Waiting to get paid is always difficult

    Waiting to get paid is always difficult

    Reminding customers to pay is difficult. With Keap, you send nice invoices with your brand. You get information about when they have looked at an invoice or not. And automatic reminders to pay inform your customers so you don't have to.

  • Get the credentials your service deserves

    Get the credentials your service deserves

    Keap stores the history of your business relationships, past calls, dates, and details for all your customers. When the work is done, it sends an email requesting a review or reference.

  • E-mails


    Send personalized, relevant and responsive emails to your contacts whenever you want or triggered by the contact's behavior.

  • Landingpages


    Create attractive and responsive landing pages to collect leads.

  • Campaigns


    With Campaign Builder, you can create campaigns and workflows through a visual drag-and-drop interface.


    Integrate Keap with other services you already use. Currently supporting 240+ services and more services coming ... Here is a selection.

    • Analytics: Wicked Reports, Sherpa Metrics, Graphly

    • Ecommerce: BigCommerce, WordPress

    • Lead Gen: OptinMonster, WordPress, Justuno, Privy, DilogR

    • Mail: Gmail, Outlook

    • Scheduling: Schedule Once, Appointment core, Booker

    • Video: Vimeo, Wistia, Sprout

    • Misc: Zapier, Help Scout, FOMO, Zendesk, Map My Customer, PicSnippets, FixYourFunnel, PlusThis,
      Leadpages, ZenDirect

    • SMS: Jibely, Mobit, FixYourFunnel

    Get started with Keap

    You choose a Keap package with the features that suit you now. When you grow and get more contacts and possibly need more users, you can upgrade.

    With our getting started package "Jumpstart" you will receive, in addition to training in how you use Keap, insights on how you can streamline your work with new processes and routines.

    Keap Grow

    US, UK, CA


    Other areas



    1 users
    500 contacts
    Client management (CRM)
    Unlimited emails
    Business phone line and text messaging (US only)
    iPhone App (US only)
    Quotes, invoices, and payments

    Keap Pro

    US, UK, CA


    Other areas



    1 users
    500 contacts
    Client management (CRM)
    Unlimited emails
    Business phone line and text messaging (US only)
    iPhone App (US only)
    Quotes, invoices, and payments
    Marketing automation
    Recurring payments
    Landing page builder
    Sales Pipeline automation
    Smart forms, internal forms

    Add to your package

    US, UK, CA

    +1,000 contacts $30/mo
    +5,000 contacts $130/mo
    +10,000 contacts $200/mo
    +25,000 contacts $250/mo
    +50,000 contacts $280/mo
    +100,000 contacts $400/mo
    +150,000 contacts $600/mo
    +200,000 contacts $800/mo

    Other areas

    +1,000 contacts $24/mo
    +5,000 contacts $104/mo
    +10,000 contacts $160/mo
    +25,000 contacts $200/mo
    +50,000 contacts $224/mo
    +100,000 contacts $320/mo
    +150,000 contacts $480/mo
    +200,000 contacts $640/mo

    Pixpro's Keap Booster Training

    You get access to our training for free during your first 14 days when you order Keap from us. You will get training and support on how to use Keap to transform the way you to business.

    You get access to:

    • Pixpro Academy, our web platform, where you get access to the online course for Keap
    • Keap Booster Hour our weekly online mini-training and Q&A session 
    • our closed Facebook group where you can get help from other Keap users & Keap experts at Pixpro.

    If you want to extend the access to the package above the first 14 days, you can do so for EURO 95 excl. VAT or 95 dollars per month.


    training pixpro inner circle

    When you order the Pixpro's Keap Booster Training you will get a free all-access pass to 16 of our Pixpro Inner Circle recorded trainings. (Value EURO 29.).


    1-2-1 support

    Strategic advise

    We offer strategic advice so that you can get support and help using more of Keap to develop & automate more of your business.

    Get help from our strategists to produce strategies for automated funnels/flows, tag strategies, conversion strategies, campaign strategies, optimization strategies, Facebook retargeting strategies, Facebook Messenger marketing, SEO strategies, onsite retargeting strategies, marketing and sales strategies, KPIs, make visitor analysis, develop avatars, content marketing editorial plans, social media strategies, and more.


    You can hire us for help with implementation such as setting up automated feeds, ongoing email mailing management, creating landing pages, importing contact lists, configuring 3rd party service integrations such as SMS, onsite retargeting, Facebook advertising, statistical reports, database management, writing blogs, producing whitepaper, etc.

    We offer retainer that works well when you need regular help or you can choose to pre-paid sessions when you need irregular help.

    How can we help you?

    We help entreprenurs and small business owners to simplify growth with online courses, digital growth strategies, business automation and masterminds.


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