CRM in your INBOX

Infusionsoft SidebarAre you using Google Apps, Gmail, Inbox by Gmail or Office 360 to write and read your email? If yes, you can use Infusionsoft Sidebar to streamline your communication and follow-up. It's like having your CRM system in your inbox. Infusionsoft Sidebar is free.

Once you have Infusionsoft Sidebar installed in Chrome or Firefox, you will have a module that shows the information found in the Infusionsoft contact card. You can edit and update the information easily and Infusionsoft information will be updated.

Additionally, you can add and remove tags, write notes, book in calendar appointments, and add, modify, and close tasks. If you add a tag, you can trigger an automatic follow-up that you set up in Infusionsoft. If you have Infusionsoft Complete, you can also handle sales opportunities.

If the sender is not yet a contact in Infusionsoft, you can quickly and easily add them to your Infusionsoft. Infusionsoft Sidebar scans the email you received to find contact information and provides suggestions for content in the different Infusionsoft contact fields based on the email information.

When you send an email from your inbox, you will also receive a notification when the email is opened by the contact.