Business Automation with Infusionsoft CRM

Grow and scale through advanced automation.

Infusionsoft by Keap is the #1 all-in-one CRM and advanced marketing automation platform. Automate your sales and marketing to capture and convert leads and create a loyal client base.

The results of successfully implementing Infusionsoft will be a better organization and a consistent workflow that delivers the right message to the right contacts at the right time. By utilizing triggers in the communication, the workflow will adapt according to the business rules you have set up to meet specific goals. Infusionsoft is an automation solution that does not end with lead generation. Infusionsoft supports the complete customer journey, from the new lead to the happy customer who love to introduce your company to their network.

With Pixpro as your partner, the Infusionsoft Certified Partner in Sweden, you will get all the help you need to successfully implement Infusionsoft and take advantage of all it's great features. We have on-boarded 100+ companies in Europe, we know how to successfully implement Infusionsoft.

Over 200.000 small business users all over the world trust Infusionsoft to organize and automate their processes.

Put it to work and free up time to grow your business

Infusionsoft automates your sales, marketing, and business processes exactly to your specifications. Here we have featured some of the features you can find in Infusionsoft's various packages.

  • Campaigns


    With Campaign Builder, you can create campaigns and workflows through a visual drag-and-drop interface.

  • Contacts


    With Contacts, you get a 360-degree view of information, behaviors, activities, communication, etc.

  • My day

    My day

    With My Day, you always have a clear schedule for the day. All the day's activities and meetings gathered in one place.

  • Responsive


    Your recipients will have a positive experience with Infusionsoft's responsive landing pages, emails, etc.

  • Offerts


    You can create, manage and share offers directly from the contact view.

  • Sales Opportunities

    Sales Opportunities

    Become more productive with streamlined processes for sales opportunities (pipeline management).

  • Lead scoring

    Lead scoring

    Lead scoring gives you clear indications of how qualified a lead is.

  • Web Visits

    Web Visits

    Get a deeper understanding of what is happening on your website and landing pages Infusionsofts tracking script.

  • E-mailing


    Send personalized, relevant and responsive e-mail to your contacts whenever you want or when triggered by the contact's behavior.

  • Internal forms

    Internal forms

    Internal forms allow you and other users to fill in an internal form quickly and easily from the contact view.

  • Calendar


    You can create calendar activities from the Contact View or from My Day.

  • Tasks


    You can create Tasks from the contact view or from My day.

  • Notes


    Add notes to a contact using a template or write your own note.


    Infusionsoft has a variety of integration options with other systems. The purpose of the integration is usually to use Infusionsoft as the central hub of information and data and use other systems to present or deliver data. We can also build customized integrations because Infusionsoft has a very comprehensive API.

    Here we have featured some of the services ready to be integrated with Infusionsoft.

    • PlusThis

      Get access to 50+ of the top add-ons for Infusionsoft, including:

      • Almost-Free Mobile Marketing
      • Facebook Retargeting and Syncing
      • Video Triggers and Tagging
      • GoToWebinar Pro Integration
      • Expiring Offers and Content
    • Webinars

      Do you hold webinars? It's a really great way to educate your customers about what you do and what results they can get from purchasing your services and / or products.

    • Facebook

      Dynamic updating of Facebook advertising target audience based on field data, segmentation or triggered behavior.

    • LinkedIn

      Gather contacts that fill in LinkedIn Lead Gen Forms directly from LinkedIn into Infusionsoft and follow up automatically.

    • SMS

      Send SMS (text message) based on the contact's behavior or your set workflows.

    • Wicked Reports

      Wicked Reports automatically pull data from your ad networks and tracks sales revenue from specific clicks, ads, audiences, campaigns and emails. Easy to use marketing reports help you make data-driven decisions about your business for greater success.

    • ConvertFlow

      ConvertFlow generates more leads and acquires more customers for you automatically, with personalized calls-to-action and powerful on-site retargeting.

    • Documentation and files

      Automatically create a folder in Dropbox or Google Drive for each new Infusionsoft contact.

    • Online Booking

      Let your leads and customers log in via your online calendar.

    • CRM in your INBOX

      Are you using Google Apps, Gmail, Inbox by Gmail or Office 360 to write and read your email? Then you can receive your CRM system emails in your inbox.

    • ScheduleOnce

      ScheduleOnce is a field-proven solution for powering online scheduling with your customers and prospects.

      Create your personal booking page, let the customers book on your page from any device and the meeting is added to everyone's calendars!

    • Project management

      If you use project systems like Trello and Basecamp to manage your projects, you can create new Basecamp projects and Trello boards when a connection is created in Infusionsoft.

    • DialogR

      WebbQuizz gives you everything you need to create engaging content. Increase Engagement, Traffic, Leads and Sales while capturing valuable data that makes you a more strategic marketer. Convert cold traffic into high quality leads and sales with hyper-targeted offers based upon instant customer feedback.

    • E-commerce

      If you have an e-commerce today, for example, in WooCommerce, Shopify or BigCommerce, Magento, SamCart? Then there are great opportunities to integrate them with Infusionsoft.

      Select an Infusionsoft package that fits your needs

      Below you can find the pricing plans for businesses looking to scale. There is no long contracts so you can level your package with more contacts and users as you grow. Schedule a free demo to talk about your needs and to see if Infusionsoft is the right solution for you.


      US, UK, CA


      Other areas



      • 2,500 contacts
      • 1 users
      • CRM
      • Marketing automation
      • Unlimited landing pages
      • Unlimited emails
      • Invoices & payments
      • Sales automation
      • Online selling

      Add Contacts

      Add additional contacts to your Infusionsoft package

      US, UK, CA

      +1,000 contacts $30/mo
      +5,000 contacts $130/mo
      +10,000 contacts $200/mo
      +25,000 contacts $250/mo
      +50,000 contacts $280/mo
      +100,000 contacts $400/mo
      +150,000 contacts $600/mo
      +200,000 contacts $800/mo

      Other areas

      +1,000 contacts $24/mo
      +5,000 contacts $104/mo
      +10,000 contacts $160/mo
      +25,000 contacts $200/mo
      +50,000 contacts $224/mo
      +100,000 contacts $320/mo
      +150,000 contacts $480/mo
      +200,000 contacts $640/mo

      Add Users

      Add additional users to your Infusionsoft package.

      US, UK, CA

      $30/mo per user

      Other areas

      $24/mo per user

      Pixpro's Infusionsoft Booster Training

      A mandatory starter package where you get started with Infusionsoft in a group setting online. The purpose is to give you knowledge and support during the first 90 days you use Infusionsoft and transform the way you do business.

      You get access to our:

      • web platform Pixpro Academy where you get access to the online course incl. workbook and worksheet.
      • a weekly online Q&A session
      • Facebook group where you can get help from other Infusionsoft users & Infusionsoft experts at Pixpro.

      One-time payment: EURO 500 excl. VAT, 500 dollars or SEK 4.900 excl. VAT.

      If you want to extend the access to the package above the first 90 days, you can do so for EURO 95 excl. VAT or 95 dollars per month.


      When you order the Jumpstart now you will get a free all-access pass to 16 of our Pixpro Inner Circle recorded trainings. 

      training pixpro inner circle

      1-2-1 support

      Coaching & strategic advice

      We provide coaching and strategic advice so you can get support and help to use more of Infusionsoft to develop & automate more of your business.

      Get help from our strategists for acvice about strategies for automated flows, tag strategies, conversion strategies, campaign strategies, optimization strategies, Facebook retargeting strategies, SEO strategies, onsite retargeting strategies, marketing and sales strategies, KPIs, making visitor analysis, launching avatars, content marketing editors, social media strategies, etc.

      Some choose to start with Infusionsoft with out any extra addons and contacts and then add modules for E-commerce or Sales Pipeline. Then they want better skills with new features such as sales opportunities (pipeline), quotes, invoices, payments, etc.


      You can hire us for help with implementation such as setting up automated flows, ongoing email management, creating landing pages, importing contact lists, configuring integrations with 3-party services such as SMS, onsite retargeting, facebook advertising, statistics reports, database management, writing blogs, creating whitepaper, etc.

      We offer retainer options that fit well when you need regular help or you can choose one our pre-paid credit when you need help from time to time.

      What Infusionsoft has done for others

      How can we help you?

      We help entreprenurs and small business owners to simplify growth with online courses, digital growth strategies, business automation and masterminds.


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