How we work

Discovery Phase

Discovery & Strategy Phase


We always start with a situation assessment that we call Discovery Phase. It's very important to have this understanding before moving forward. We work with Discovery Sessions where we get a lot of the insights we need. We complement these sessions with documentations from you, conduct surveys and research to develop competitive analysis, website audits, content audits, social media engagement analysis etc. When we have completed the Discovery Phase we have a thorough understanding of your company, your business objectives, your current clients, the customers buying criteria and your offers. And we have identified and mapped out your current customer journey and the customers experience thought the marketing lifecycle. We have made an inventory of your brand, your communication and marketing assets. During this phase we map down and analyse how you use digital marketing today.

Strategy Phase


Now when we know the current state of your company we will focus on the future. Together we will develop a plan that defines the why of your company, who your customers are, how you will serve your customers, and what the package and prices of the services and products you will offer will look like. We will identify the target groups, create personas so we know exactly what their biggest pain is and how, where and what we can communicate that your company can help them solve them. Then we will create a Digital Marketing Blueprint, with strategy and plan for execution of the recommendations) unique to your business objectives. The custom plan will match your time, budget and resources. We identify the new processes that needs to be implemented in your digital platforms or systems as well as changes needed in your organization to match the needs of the customer during the buying journey. We help you achieve your desired level of digital marketing self-sufficiency through collaboration, training and execution support. Whether you’re a small, midsize or large enterprise, a well-researched and thoroughly documented plan will help ensure that your business has a clear path and stays on course by providing clear action steps and defined key performance indicators (KPIs) to measure your progress and success.

Kickstart Phase

Kickstart Phase

The main goal with the Kickstart Phase is to get the communication platforms ready. We want to get started with some of the most important parts of the solutions (like redesign or restructure of the login portal for clients or get the social media accounts up to date). Then we will start get the user feedback and the KPI results that will help us navigate and prioritize in the plan that was developed during the Discovery & Strategy Phase to decide what we will do in the Retainer Phase. During this phase we have helped customers to implement portals (Intranet, Extranet, Customer HUBs, Partner HUBs, online education portals etc), set up landing pages (promote webinars, downloads, seminars etc), implemented Marketing Automation systems and campaigns, developed new branding material and content (copy, design, illustrations, photographs), re-branded the website, opened and closed social media channels and made them attractive and functional etc.

Retainer Phase

Retainer Phase

The main purpose for the Retainer Phase is to work long term with marketing automation, digital marketing campaigns, social media conversations often based on the Lifecycle Marketing methodology. We work closely with your team to deliver on the Blueprint that was developed during the Discovery & Strategy Phase. This makes sure that we based on feedback, statistics and metrics are enhancing and improving the customer journey at all times to get maximum results. Deliverables during this phase is usually trend analysis, competitor analysis, new automated campaigns, social media campaigns, new landing pages, downloadable reports, e-books, paid ads campaigns on social media and/or search, search engine optimization, blogs, podcasts, webinars etc.