AcyMailing Plugin + PixPublish Premium

Introducing our AcyMailing Plugin for PixPublish Premium

We are happy to announce that our first plugin for PixPublish Premium is a plugin for the AcyMailing users. The AcyMailing Plugin for PixPublish Premium makes it possible for you to view the scheduled newsletters that have been created in AcyMailing. This will give you a great overview of the scheduled newsletters that are about to be sent.

To celebrate this launch you can now save 15% on PixPublish Premium 6 months subscription and save 35% on PixPublish Premium 12 months subscription.

If you are planning a campaign with articles in combination with newsletters this is a great tool to have control of your content marketing campaign. If you would like to reschedule your newsletter to another day you can move it to another day with the drag-and-drop functionality. 


And if you want to change the sending time, just click on the newsletter inside PixPublish and edit the time and save. Our goal is to make your content planning easier & flexible.


The AcyMailing Plugin is free to access in the Pixpro Labs Dashboard if you have an active PixPublish Premium subscription. To be able to schedule your newsletters with AcyMailing you need to have AcyMailing Enterprise.

The AcyMailing Plugin for PixPublish Premium is created and maintained by Pixpro Labs.

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