New version of PixCookie Restrict

PixCookie Restrict 1.1.0 released

One of our most popular Joomla! extensions in the EU is now released in version 1.1.0. With new positions and styling options.

PixCookie Restrict gives your visitors the opportunity to make an active decision to accept & revoke Joomla cookies. This means that you will comply to the EU cookie law. Read more about PixCoookie Restrict 

New features

PixCookies Restrict demonstration of styles and positions

New options for styling

Now you can choose between three different options for the front end styling of your cookie message, alert or warning. Use legacy to keep it as it is, bootstrap if your site is using bootstrap or clean if you want to style it yourself.

  • Legacy
  • Bootstrap
  • Clean

New options for placement of the PixCookies Restrict box

We have added more options for where you can place the cookie message box. As always, you can place it in any module position. Now you can also choose to display it at the very top or bottom of the screen.

  • Module position (default)
  • Top (absolute)  
  • Bottom (fixed)


No more loading empty module positions.
When choosing the Accept or Reject layout setting, after front end user interaction the module is removed from the output to prevent the loading of an empty module position.

In this release, we also have updated the language file.

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