Joomla! Day Poland 2017

Become a Joomla! Eagle

This was the slogan of this year's JoomlaDay Poland 2017! This two-day event is an annual event for users and fans of this amazing content management system. This year we met in the capital of the West Pomeranian Province - in Szczecin.

At events like this one can gain a lot of knowledge about Joomla! and web technologies during lectures and backstage talks. It is a fantastic opportunity to personally meet people who are involved in the development of Joomla! in Poland and one of the few occasions to meet friends and spend a few moments with them. And finally, it's also a great opportunity, to make new friendships that often turn into business partnerships or work together on a particular project.

This year, Pixpro Labs was honoured to be a bronze sponsor of JoomlaDay Poland. 

On the first day of the event, Justyna Michallek and Slawomir Pieszczek (organisers of JDPL17) organised a competition for a creative photo with a Pixpro Labs plane. 

The idea was to make a paper airplane using special cards with instructions and then take a cool, funny, creative photo with it. The award for the most creative photo was a coupon for all Pixpro Labs extensions, donated by Sarah Watz - CEO of Pixpro Labs. To encourage all participants, Justyna and Sławomir made their own model of the plane and snapped the first photo ;-) The results of the competition were to be decided the next day, just after the lunch break.

collage 01

On the second day, JDPL17 - Community Day, after a lunch break, Justyna and Slawomir went to a short meeting, where they chose the most creative photo with the Pixpro Labs plane. The task was not easy! They liked a lot of pictures and they could not decide for a long time. However, they chose two candidates. The prize was one voucher for all extensions Pixpro Labs, but they wanted to honour the two works! 

Finally, Slawomir decided that he would offer his coupon, which he had to give away during his lecture. Thanks to this, the first prize for the creative Pixpro Labs photo was received by Alicja Żydołowicz with her daughter Aleksandra, the second was Tadeusz Klupa. 


collage 02

Photos by Tomasz Karolski

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