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Get to know PixPublish - the editorial calendar for Joomla!

Are you publishing a lot of content in you Joomla! website? Or are you managing the content in an Intranet or Portal with different access levels and /or in several languages? Do you also find it hard to get an overview of what is going to be published for different users and when?

We did too, and so did our clients. That is why we created PixPublish - the editorial calendar for Joomla! Finally, you can stop wasting time and stop getting frustrated by a lack of clarity.

Get a Great Overview of the Articles

PixPublish Overview

PixPublish is a Joomla! Extension that you install in your Joomla! website. You can immediately see all the articles that are going to be published in the calendar. It gives you a great overview of the content you already have on your website. 

Create Articles From the Calendar

PixPublish Create Articles

Click on the add article icon on the date you would like to add the article, start writing and then publish it.

Many of the PixPublish users plan and create drafts of their content from within the calendar. They write the title of the article, create an outline with bullet points in the body of the article and choose the status Unpublished before they save the article. Then they get back to the articles later making the final version of the article before they change the status to Published. 

Plan the Publishing of Your Articles

PixPublish Move to Another Date

Grab the article from the date you want to move it from and drag-and-drop it to get the article to change the date you want it to be published on. PixPublish changes the published date but keeps the published time. Our users love this way of planning blogs, campaigns, news, press releases etc. It gives them the ability to work dynamically with the content schedule to create the best content publishing schedule.

Filter the Articles in the Calendar

PixPublish Filters

Use the filters in PixPublish to see the articles in the calendar that match your filter criteria. If you are managing a website with different access levels and/or languages this makes it so easy to get an overview of the content to be published. If you are managing a team of editors you can oversee that they are delivering their content as planned.

Join the users of PixPublish and start working smarter with the editorial calendar for Joomla!

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